• Testimonials

  • "I liked all the little thoughtful touches such as flowers on the bedside table and the little welcome note. Also, the food was delicious! "

    "Very good. Beautiful setting, superb food, well-planned. "

    "I'm very happy with the retreat and thought that it, just like your other retreats, was an incredible experience. Do not add or remove anything. Take care and hope to see you again soon. "

    "A delightful and fantastic experience. Good set up, good accommodation and good leaders. The feelings of peace and calm lasted long after the retreat. "

  • "Good structure and good classes with the feeling that it is very well thought out in order to get the maximum out of this time and progressively refine / develop our methods and our knowledge. I came to find rest and peace and to find real answers to myself about where my journey will lead. I found peace and happiness within myself. "

    "When I think of the past week I feel warm and happy inside. Rich, as if I had something very precious, which of course - I do have! You have shared your knowledge and experience, but perhaps the most important thing was your engagement. There was the feeling that you cared about everyone."

    "It was a bit like being in another world, free from the stress and demands of everyday life. Very relaxing and inspiring."

  • "I felt that the retreat was beyond all expectations. I lacked nothing and thought it was a good balance in the program. I appreciated fire ceremony very much - it was the first time I was part of something like that. I appreciate that you are so well organized as it creates a sense of security. "

    "A very enriching retreat, led by knowledgeable and warmhearted yoga teachers! The participants were both young and old, men and women, with different backgrounds and perspectives, an interest in yoga was the common denominator. No matter how long we had been practicing yoga we all received a wonderful supply of energy and yoga insights."

    "Thanks again for the wonderful yoga long weekend. Suddenly I have the energy I felt like I was missing all autumn and it feels so good. It constantly surprises me, how quickly I notice the effects of yoga and that you can achieve so much in just a few days. Though of course it helps to go 'unplugged' for a few days, giving time for thought and self-reflection beyond the yoga/meditation class hours."

  • "Thanks for the great days. I was more prepared for this retreat - I cut down on my caffeine intake prior! Because I had an understanding of how the retreat was going to work and what to expect it felt good. Familiar. I think you are both professional and present for the retreat, which gives me confidence in you as a leader. You make sure that everyone participate according to their individual ability. You are accustomed to organizing retreats and everything is carefully planned. Very tasty food! Loved the ginger / lemon shot!"

    "Thank you again for the wonderful week, it has now been 3 days walking around with such inner peace and joy that I get teary-eyed all the time, crazy good! Gave me a lot and inspired me to continue my journey with renewed energy and intensity. The set-up was perfect in every way. "

    "Totally amazing! Very well prepared and organized, with care for the small details that made the stay extra nice. I enjoyed the yoga program, interesting lectures and delicious food. Your teachers had a loving and inspiring attitude, and gave everything one could wish for."

  • "This was a holistic journey from the everyday throng. A chance to turn inward. A journey of a thousand impressions into stillness, to focus on the here and now and on my mind. A nice break from everyday life and a source of inspiration for everyday life. (With holistic, I mean that everything we did was imbued with yoga and mindfulness: asanas, meditation, kirtan, fellowship and food.) ... Thanks for the weekend and your commitment to our course attendance and thank you warmly to Britta for her exquisite cooking and cordial treatment of those of us who performed the kitchen tasks. Thanks also for the recipes!"

    "Thank you for a wonderful retreat. Overall I felt that you offered many different experiences, all delivered in a highly professional manner. We feel like we're going back to work after a four-week holiday! Rested, fresh and balance."

  • "Emma best teacher ever. Lars is so calm, made realise a lot about life."
    -Karlien, South Africa

    "Emma is an amazing yoga/meditation teacher - her explanations are concise, precise, loud but very gentle at the same time."
    -Marianne Australia/Switzerland

    "I very much enjoyed Lars’ and Emma’s classes, they are such goodhearted people."
    -Maria, Finland

    "Emma who led most of the classes this week is the best yoga/meditation teacher i’ve ever experienced. she brought presence, positivity and love to the sessions - she was simply amazing - phenomenal."
    -Sal USA/UAE

    "I was helped by Emma, that considering my problems with my knees, she took care of me during hard positions and always available to explain all questions. Emma was the best yoga teacher."

    "I took my first yoga class in my life with Emma, and I loved it."
    -Ines, Spain

    "Emma and Lars are attentive, knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. Much more than just a yoga or meditation class."
    -Sami, England

    "Emma is a wonderful teacher. so sweet, helpful and knowledgable. She knows what she is teaching. top!"
    -Judith, Singapore

    "Emma and Lars were both exceptionally amazing teachers. perfect. I loved that both yoga classes were gentle."
    -Joanna, UK

    "Experienced my favourite and most memorable classes i’ve ever had in balI by Emma, and this after living in Indonesia for 4 years!"
    -Kai, USA