• A sadhana is a daily spiritual practice. It is a designated time for you to turn within and perceive life as it truly is. You have taken the time on one of our retreats recently to begin to explore a more spiritual, engaged and conscious path - and now its up to you to continue with the practices you have discovered. Although a sadhana takes a certain amount of tapas (motivation and discipline), the results are well worth the effort.

    We recommend you set an intention based on what aspect of yourself you want to evolve, or what aspect you’d like to let go of, and base your daily practice around that. It could include elements of mantra meditation, pranayama, asana or even just a peaceful walk in nature. To start with, spend ten minutes each day dedicated to one aspect of your practice. Over time, you may feel the need to add other practices or increase the time. Or you may not. Regardless the most important part is consistency. Give yourself the gift of ten minutes each day.

    To help get you started with your daily sadhana routine, we offer previous retreat guests some resources and guided meditations. To access these please use the login details you would have received at the retreat.

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